The second day of the work-shop in Cieszyn

The second day of the seminar ((Workshop) in Cheshin, Poland) was completed. Participants of the international project “High school teacher competence in change”, with the assistance of the Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. A study conducted by research teams from four countries – Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic – has already produced concrete results that make it possible to make further comparative conclusions, to determine the general tendencies of the development of the competences of high school teachers.
The seminar participants agreed on further steps to implement the project objectives. Namely:

  • they have identified unified statistical approaches to the analysis of research results in all partner countries;
  • the structure of recommendations for the complex of competences of high school teachers has been agreed;
  • actualized the problem of popularizing the results of the project in scientific journals.
    We have a co-ordinated scientific team, a real scientific consortium !!!